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Table of Contents:

  • Welcome to SA!
  • What is SA?
  • What is Sexual Sobriety?
  • How can I Stay Healthy Without Some Kind of Sexual Outlet?
  • Is SA Like Group Therapy?
  • How Can I Become A Member?
  • How Much Will It Cost Me To Join?
  • I Admit I’ve Been Overdoing It With Sex. Can’t I Just Cut Down a Little?
  • How Can I Tell If I’m Addicted?
  • Test Yourself
  • I know I Cannot Stop on my Own.
  • I’ve Tried Before And It Did Not
  • Work. Are You Saying It Is Actually Possible?
  • What Do I Have To Do To Get Sober?
  • Okay — I’m Willing to Give It a Try. What Do I Do Next?
  • The Twelve Steps of Sexaholics Anonymous
  • The Twelve Traditions of Sexaholics Anonymous

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